This time, I was dropped off the border and crossed walking and to my surprise, I was welcomed by a long line. I’m sorry my American friends but you now need a passport to cross the border because Mexico now checks passports (seriously). 

Enrique and German picked me up in a white pick-up truck that looked quite sketchy and I missed them the first time, so they had to come back and look for me again. After they picked me up, we went to Enrique’s house to get the Black Mamba (Enrique’s car) and meet Polo and the rest of the crew at Soriana.

When we arrived at Soriana, Enrique dropped German and me to meet up with Polo, Andrea, and Laura. They had the shopping cart already filled up, but German and I were quick in filling it with some more good stuff –you know that stuff that is not necessarily good for you, but boy does it feel good!

After loading both cars, we proceeded to start our adventure. We stopped at Rosarito to eat at Tacos el Yaqui- which are a true delicacy in the art of the taco. 

We got a lot of traffic on this trip because we left very late from Tijuana, but on the positive side, we had good company to enjoy the trip and a cool app to play chess. Let’s just say that I’m an okay chess player. German, on the other side, literally kicked my rear four times in a row.  

Our freedom was finally obtained when we left el Maniadero behind us. Our last civilized stop was at the gas station before the true off-road route to Punta Cabras!

As soon as our rubber tires met the dirt we began the true adventure! Yes, Enrique and Polo glued their feet to the gas pedal and off we went. And it is here that all of us began breathing and eating dirt, sounds gross but the adrenaline combined with dirt feels pretty amazing.

Laura going crazy on the adventure

Laura going crazy on the adventure

Enrique decided to jump in a couple of places with the Black Mamba and his valiant and noble companion, German, stayed with him until the end—praying for his life of course. 

I rode with Polo, because I needed to write in my journal, and  Enrique likes having bumpier rides, so I couldn’t stay in the car with him anymore - or was it because of the two lovely ladies that were riding the Polo's car, who knows. 

The first sight of the Pacific Ocean after off-roading for half an hour was stunning! We stopped for a little bit to take pictures and enjoy the view.

I forgot to mention that our friend, German, has a very cool collection of knives that you can check out on his dope Instagram by just clicking the picture below.

After the photo shoot, we continued our journey to Punta Cabras, but before arriving, Enrique had the idea of descending through “La Calavera” which means The Skull. German, looked at me and said, “no manches Javi, fue un gusto conocerte,” which in English sounds like, “holy smokes, It was a pleasure meeting you.” 

Yes, that decline is pretty intense. Polo, Andrea, Laura, and me, on the other hand, took the easy route and waited for them to take some pictures.

After the stunt, we continued our trip to Punta Cabras. Alongside the road we had the amazing view of beaches covered with a light sand color surrounded by the black color of the rocks, that protected the land from the ocean’s power.

We finally arrived at the place and were amazed by all the cars that were there. Polo immediately said that it was weird that there were that many people and that it usually was alone.

We passed all the tents and cars and finally arrived at our very own chic camping spot. It had the spectacular view of the Ocean and beach. We liked this spot because it was far away from the rest of the campers and because of the “kinda” easy access to the beach below us.   

We grabbed our stuff and semi-prepared our camp and quickly rushed to the beach. The hike down was tricky for Polo and me. Both of us got distracted with a beautiful mermaid that was meditating at the beach, so hypnotized we were that both of us slipped through the rocks and fell on a puddle of water while she waved and said hi to us. Embarrassing? You can bet your chimichanga! 

After walking away from the mermaid I realized that I had cut my right leg, but fortunately, we had a doctor with us. Andrea looked at it and said, “no seas nena Javi, nomas mojate la cortada con agua del mar” or for you English speaker, “don’t be a sissy Javi, just rinse it off with salt water.” Man ego hurt? Maybe… just maybe.

Moral of the story: don’t let mermaids enchant you!

Moral of the story: don’t let mermaids enchant you!

The tides were strong and I was then told that a swell from Australia and New Zealand was approaching the coast. After soaking our heated up bodies in that tempered coldish sea, we waited for the sunset in order to take some awesome pictures!

After taking hundreds of pictures we headed back to camp in order to get ready for the night.We divided chores on the campground and started getting our tents and food ready. 

Enrique made some hamburgers but the thing is that we were all starving. So, as soon as a piece of meat came out of the grill, I grabbed it and was about to give it a bite when it escaped the manly grip of my fingers and fell to the ground. I picked that pattyup, gave it a couple of slaps and put it on my bread and ate it like a champ.

Inside the tent view… yeah, no words to describe such a beauty.

Inside the tent view… yeah, no words to describe such a beauty.

It was the most gloriously flavored hamburger ever! German, was making jokes about how hungry he was, but to be honest with you I had no idea he was talking about my hamburger, I guess I was really into my hamburger.

Here we can see a wild Polo warming himself up with fire!   

Here we can see a wild Polo warming himself up with fire!


After listening to some music and just straight up chilling we gazed at the stars that illuminated our very own existence on that night. It was just beautiful. Seeing those millions of millions of little stars in our galaxy alongside the white stain of the milky way… It is so damn beautiful to see that darkness illuminated with millions of stars.

We then were surprised by some flying Chinese lanterns that our neighbors lit up in the night. It was amazing to see the slow moving light move away from the ground towards the black sky and then slowly fainted and disappeared into the pitch of darkness.

It was after this that Enrique, Laura, and German decided to go and check out what was happening on the American campground. Polo, Andrea and I decided to stay at our campsite and talk about life and its mysteries.

After a while, Enrique and the rest of the group came back and told us that we should go and join the American beach party.

We got our stuff ready and went. When we arrived Polo, Andrea and I were astonished by the cool organization of the beach party. The people basically marked the road down to the beach with neon sticks and you could see two big bonfires lighted up inside a rectangular trench with lots of people laughing and just having a good time.

As soon as I started descending the hill to the beach and following those neon sticks I started hearing the sound of  a bongo and a box drum, which was very well played!

We then met Javier, who was so kind to invite us to join the party and explained to us that this reunion had started a couple of years back and that throughout some time it had slowly grown to 80 people. This time; however, they were also celebrating an anniversary. 

We joined the party and met the most amazingly cool people ever! Most of the people were from Ocean Beach and they were so nice and chill—they even offered us some elixir of the gods (Stone IPA beer), which tasted delicious and got me pretty damn tipsy.

The night then was filled with amazing conversations with people who shared the same passion for Baja and all the wonders it has to offer.

The next day we woke up and took advantage of the hot weather to go and swim at the beach. We also set up our hammocks to relax for a little bit. Now that was a weekend and mini vacation that you don’t need a vacation from. Long live Baja California! 

Oh, I know you were thinking about that mysterious mermaid.