If you are looking for a place where your bedroom is half a beer away from an awesome beach, an amazing kitchen, and an epic spot to go fishing, then Gonzaga is the place you have been wishing for all these years!


One and a half hour away from San Felipe, Bahia de San Luis Gonzaga (Alfonsinas) is a place where you can arrive quick and without an AWD vehicle.

As soon as we got there and checked in at the Alfonsina’s Hotel we unloaded our gear and went off snorkeling because you literally have the beach right in front of your room!

After snorkeling, we went back to eat. I had three shrimp tacos- and even though they were a little bit expensive I reminded myself of my own motto," always spend money on good food and unique experience and always go all out and never be greedy when traveling." 

Astrophotography at Bahia

We finished eating and joined the rest of the crew to drink more Tecates. Polo and I went to take some pictures on the side of the hotel, because Bahia de San Luis Gonzaga almost has zero light pollution so you can see the milky way and stars. Bahia is a really cool spot to practice your photography skills.

Second Day

The next day we woke up with the sun, which is the best way to wake up, because it’s not annoying as your smartphone alarm clock; on the contrary, it is a peaceful way to wake up.

After having an epic breakfast I needed to take a siesta so I headed to the best spot with a Tecate in hand and enjoyed the view… shortly after, I had a food comma.

When I woke up, I found Polo sitting right beside me, doing what he does best, taking pictures.

What to do in Gonzaga

After relaxing for a while, we got ready and went to Coco’s Corner, which is 40 minutes away from  Bahia. Coco is quite a character and is really famous in Baja.

After laughing and talking with Coco we headed back to the hotel. On our way back we stopped at a dried up river. One of our friends told us that there is usually water at this place and that if you dig deep enough, water will come out. Polo began taking pictures, while I took some notes.

Back at the hotel, our older contemporaries got ready for the night, and began getting their Tecates out of the coolers. Polo and I, on the other hand, went ahead and took more pictures. We got visited by a couple of coyotes and Polo freaked out!

That night I went to sleep around 10 p.m. and woke up at 3 a.m. to drink water. I walked outside and was amazed by the quarter moon that was illuminating the entire bay.

Day Before Last

The next morning  we had breakfast and got ready to take a boat tour to Punta Final. We got our spearfishing gear ready and onward we went.

The sea of Cortez was pretty mellow and we got the opportunity to disembark at a really cool place. We snorkeled and some members of our crew went spearfishing. The boat cost us $150 and there was 11 of us, so it came out to $15 per human (including tip). 

After the boat trip, we headed back to our beautiful hotel where I showered. When Polo, my grandfather, and I were ready we headed to Rancho Grande. We stopped at the guard house and saw that he had a bunch of puppies. Polo got out of the car and asked if there were any puppies and the answer was, “si, queda uno grisesito” which means, yes there is a little gray one. Polo brought him to the car and boy we were struck. The guard told us that we could take it if we wanted and we immediately accepted the offer but said that we were going to return in the morning for the puppy.

After devouring three hot dogs and one hamburger I asked my companions if they were ready to go back, and they could only gesture a yes, because like me, they were having a food comma.

Last Day

We woke up early (as usual) and started getting everything ready to leave. We packed our stuff and decided to wait until we arrived to San Felipe to have some Chinese food.

Polo and I were ready before everyone else, so we went for the little puppy and brought him back to camp.

The trip back was very mellow and I drove half the way. Our new member, Cisco, slept the entire trip. Isn’t he cute!

We stopped at San Felipe to eat at a Chinese restaurant and then headed to Tijuana. We also stopped at Tecate to have a burrito and some horchata. Yes, we ate like there was no tomorrow on the last day, but who cares, cheat day is a real thing people!

Make it Happen

Get out there amigo (a) and live the adventure. Baja is a fun place to go and visit. If you feel a little hesitant then join Baja Adventures!

We hope to see you out there,