Located nine hours and 15 burritos away from Tijuana, Bahia de Los Ángeles is aparadise for the "aventurero" and hell for the boring individual who doesn't like to get out of comfort zones.

The drive to Bahia was long but fun. We stopped at Cataviña and took some pretty cool pictures! There are a lot of spots with amazing backgrounds where you can stop and play with your camera skills. We really liked all the Sahuaros and cool rock formations.

Sahuaros everywhere

Sahuaros everywhere

After taking all of those cool pictures and saving Andrea and Nathan from a sudden attack of a cactus we continued our journey towards Bahia.

We arrived around 9 p.m. to Bahia and were impressed to see so many humans working on a fishing boat. We were a little disappointed when we found out that our reservation for the boat ride next morning was not saved and was given to somebody else; anyways, we got all of our stuff and took it to our room for the night. I cooked some delicious hamburgers while the rest of the crew got everything set up for next day.

I forgot to mention that we also encountered two Mata Venados, which are a kind of spider scorpion insect, pretty darn ugly if you ask me, that's why I didn't put a picture here, but I suppose you already clicked the link, muahaha.

The sunrise left us in awe and it will definitely do the same to you, if you wake up early like we did, cause you know,"al que madruga Dios lo ayuda."

After the photo session, we went back to our room and got ready for the day. We had breakfast at Costa del Sol! It has been one of the best Mexican breakfasts I have ever had. I ordered some eggs with mushrooms, cheese, and ham. It was finger licking good!

When we finished eating we continued our adventure and went to a wonderful beach. We wanted to make some time for our boat tour, which got postponed till 3 p.m. But after enjoying that view on the beach... we concluded that the wait was well worth it.

After feeling the water, which was warm, we went back to town in order to get ready for our boat trip. We finally met with the boat and got our stuff ready for the adventure! We launched from the port and onward we set sail, looking for Whale Sharks.

I was the first one that spotted a whale shark and the captain of the boat immediately replied with a, "si, es un Tiburon Ballena" and  we immediately got our gear ready  to jump in the water.

I'll be honest with you, I was a little scared at first because I had never swum with such a big animal. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes for a split second and jumped in feet first!

Andrea was the lucky one who got the picture with the Whale Shark. Everybody wanted a picture with this magnificent animal, but I have always believed that for first time experiences, you only need to take a good mental picture!

Please be aware not to:

  • Touch the animal, because it might turn around and eat you, totally kidding. We don't touch it because it gets scared away;
  • Make crazy sounds and aggressive swimming movements;
  • Don't swim too close to the whale shark and don't get in its way

The sharks are gentle creatures even if they might scare you. After snorkeling and swimming for a bit, we embarked towards our next destination.

Our Captain, Marcos took  us to a wonderful island called, "Playa de La Mona" which means the Island of the Doll. It is called this way because there is a rock formation that looks like a woman sitting down and looking at the sea.

We stayed at the beach to take pictures, snorkel and chill.

After chillin on this James Bond-like beach, we swam back to the boat and went fishing for a little bit.

We ended the day by eating and drinking at Hotel Costa del Sol. We then went back to our room, where Polo's dad told us the best jokes ever and eventually laughed our way to sleep with "dos que tresqui dos que tresqui."

The next day we woke up at 9 a.m. and got ready to leave but we ended up leaving Bahia at 11:30 a.m., which was kind of late but who cares because we had the best breakfast once more!

On the way back to Tijuana we stopped at Cataviña to get some gas and to visit the magnificent Cataviña hotel.  The hotel is really pretty and it is an excellent place to just relax and enjoy the beautiful sceneries in Baja. There are some hiking spots around the area as well and some cave paintings.

Hotel Cataviña

Hotel Cataviña

After touring and filling up our gas tank we headed to El Rosario, which is a small town that has an amazing restaurant called Mama Espinoza. Lobster is what you must have on this place!

Mama Espinoza's at El Rosario

Mama Espinoza's at El Rosario

Also, there is a cool place called "La Lobera" which you can visit after visiting El Rosario, it is 15 minutes away in KM 48 going North. Sedans will not make it to La Lobera because you will be off roading all the way to La Lobera. It takes around 15 minutes to get to La Lobera from the highway, just follow the electrical towers.

After touring around the area to take pictures we headed back to the car and continued our trip back to Tijuana. If you ask me what were the main highlights of the trip I will say the snorkeling with the Whale Sharks, the beach of La Mona, and the road trip. I just love all the amazing places Baja has to offer, keep living la vida loca amigos and be on the lookout for our next adventure!