Not only does Valle de Guadalupe offer exquisite wine and culinary wonders but it also offers legit al fresco activities. We decided to check out the legendary spring waters behind La Cetto.

Our adventure began when we off-roaded to Valle de Guadalupe. We brought the kids this time, so we didn't go that fast! This camping trip was Cisco's first time being outdoors with us. Bongo did an excellent job at teaching him a lesson or two, for Bongo is the senior of the two. 

Cisco on the left and Bongo on the right 

Cisco on the left and Bongo on the right 

After touring around Valle for a while we decided to go and watch the sunset at Cuatro Cuatros. Natalie, which is our friend from Hamburg, Germany. Was amazed by the view and by the Paté de Atún she ordered.

Perfect place to take your special human 

The sunset was mesmerizing and as soon as the sun started to disappear we felt the cold wind. We packed our stuff and headed back to the car in order to drive towards Arroyo de Guadalupe. Cuatro Cuatros has a pretty dope view and an amazing selection of beers, wine, and culinary wonders! 

We ventured into the night and drove to Arroyo de Guadalupe and thankfully the moon was not full, so this permitted us to appreciate a spectacular view of the stars! 

The night was chilly, but with the cozy fire we built, we barely felt it. Bongo, being a little more experienced than Cisco jumped into the tent as soon as we were done setting it up. Cisco, on the other hand, started exploring the area. We tied a little flashlight on Cisco's vest so we wouldn't lose him in the middle of the night, but we were surprised at how he eventually found a spot between some plants and completely passed out. After talking and listening to music we proceeded to pick up Cisco and take him inside the tent, where we all got ready to sleep. 

The next morning Javier woke up first and took the kids outside the tent, because Cisco began licking everyone on the forehead.

Javier began preparing breakfast, and it was here that we had the amazing opportunity of using the Wacaco Minipresso, which is a handheld espresso machine that permits you to enjoy the deliciousness of hot espresso anywhere, anytime, especially when you are going al fresco on the weekend.

We were really impressed by the easiness of using this product. The taste and warmth captivated us and we had to reload several times because we simply loved it! So, huge shout out to this mini espresso warrior and thank you Wacaco Minipresso for trusting us on taking  your product out for an adventure down in Baja. 

While enjoying our espresso and breakfast we were surprised by a herd of horses. They approached silently and started drinking water from the river. It was such a magical moment to experience this. It was also very cool to see how Cisco reacted to his first encounter with animals, while being outdoors. 

After cleaning up our campsite we embarked on our hike. We went on a search of a new trail and we stopped on the way at the spring waters, so Natalie could see and enjoy them. 

After enjoying the refreshing cozy water we continued our hike and eventually found the trail we were looking for, and boy was it wonderful! 

To be honest with you, Bongo was the one who found the trail. Yes, he is an excellent guiding dog and he found the trail behind some bushes and a fallen tree.

We also found an old building and a huge cardón. We don't know what the building used to be, but we are going to find out next time we go to Arroyo de Guadalupe. Also, the cardón looks amazing because it stands out from everything else. It seems that it was purposely put there in order to create a beautiful contrast with the landscape, we believe it might be the same age as the building. 

We chose this spot to eat and relax. The kids were tired, and Cisco completely passed out while Bongo stayed awake, but was constantly bobbing his head while slowlly closing his eyes.   

After relaxing and getting our tummies filled up with food we continued our journey back to camp. But we took some pictures before, because our photographer, Polo, loves taking pictures. 

On our way back to camp we found a group of hikers that were lost. They were looking for the spring waters. So, we immediately gave them the correct coordinates. 

After leaving the group we continued our journey to our campsite. We stopped and found some trash on the trail, and we immediately picked it up. Unfortunately, we didn't have a reusable bag to pick up the trash, so we had to use a plastic trash bag. Please remember to follow the Leave no Trace Principles people! Also, we don't encourage the use of plastic bags, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 

After cleaning up and disposing of the trash accordingly, we continued our journey. We decided to end our wonderful trip at Doña Guadalupe's Pizza Kitchen. Which is probably the best pizza we have ever had on this planet, but I think that the best part of the pizza was the company and the mesmerizing sunset, that slowly painted the landscape a little bit darker, with a touch of shadowy orange, escaping through the mountains and the vineyard. 

Valle de Guadalupe not only permits people to taste and enjoy wine, but it also has many opportunities to connect with nature and explore your inner thoughts without leaving civilization too far behind.

So, if you need a short escape from the busy metropolitan life, then Valle de Guadalupe is the place you have been looking for, especially when you have wonders like Cascada Arroyo de Guadalupe! 

Keep living la vida and remember that life is a wonderful adventure waiting to be taken.