We started a little later because we didn't know if it was wise to go on an adventure with the storms of the weekend of the 24th and 26th of February, 2017. But, if you know us well, then you will know that we like our adventures to be a little bit spicy, like that salsa you put on your tacos, it burns, but boy does if feel good! Nathalie joined us once again, because like us, she is crazy for the thrill, especially when we are on a scouting mission. So, namaste to this lady, who puts up with all of our craziness and weekend getaways. 


The first obstacle we encountered was 20 minutes into the adventure, were a large hill with dripping mud was holding other vehicles back. Many tried powering through the hill but that many failed. We decided to take another route in order to prevent such a dazzle, but were surprised to find out more jeeps on this alternate route. There were many vehicles that didn't make it, but others did, and we were one of those!  

When we reached the top we met other aventureros who were able to conquer the muddy hill. We quickly made plans to continue the trip together, in case any other obstacles decided to show up. We drove through mud whoops,hills, rocks, and large mud puddles. We were amazed by how green the scenery was. Never have I seen this route so green in my life.

After driving for quite some time with our new friends we arrived to Rancho La Nopalera. Here we were very well received and had some finger licking good quesadillas. 

Nathalie was the first one to venture around the place with the two kids of the farm. The farmers had chickens, peacocks, turkeys, goats, sheep, dogs, geese, and every other farm animal you can possible think of. 

We went back to the kitchen to find out that the little kid got in trouble because he got dirty with mud. It was funny because Nathalie told the mother that it was our fault, because we took them, but she then asked the boy if she should ground Nathalie instead of him, and the little kid just remained silent and slowly looked at Nathalie, non-verbally saying "yes, you should ground her instead of me." All grown ups laughed but the kid remained silent not knowing if he was going to get in trouble (he didn't but the whole thing was hilarious). 


After stacking up with burritos for the journey we said goodbye, and got invited to come back, which we will definitely do because these people were amazing! We got back on the road and headed towards El Coronel. 

The road was challenging, but nothing is impossible when you have extra burritos and outdoorsy music on hand. We drove for two more hours until we got to a point were the view was just amazing, so we stopped and enjoyed the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. 

El Coqueto's cousin 

El Coqueto's cousin 

The descent towards Cerro Coronel was hard. It was here that we encountered the most slippery mud we have traveled upon. There were a couple of times that I had to get out and guide Polo. There was one particular spot that made our hearts pump extra fast and boy did the adrenaline felt awesome!
Best part of the thrill was listening to Nathalie's giggles of joy on the back. 

We ended the trip with smiles, mud, and new friends! This trip will be one of the adventures we are going to offer on our guided off road tours in Baja. We enjoyed the mud a lot and are hoping to organize the trip around the same season, in order to share the awesome experience of driving in Baja with some mud!  


On the way back we were pretty tired, but we had an amazing sunset! It is such a blessing to always have these sunsets when coming back from a crazy adventure. They help us relax, and they also help us get ready for a new week in order to start with a positive attitude and spiritual peace! 

Stay hungry for adventure my friends, and remember to always have fun out there, but most importantly, remember to always make a positive impact on this planet. 

P.S. Taking burritos on trips is a must, especially when you are in Mexico!