You are probably thinking... why is this blog called "La Flowers." The truth is that the lady we had the opportunity to meet up with this past weekend  is a true flower, for she is a beautiful person inside and out. 

Our friendship started one faithful day we stumbled upon Vivianne's awesome profile on Instagram and were mesmerized by her unique style and passion. I don't remember if we did the first move or if Vivianne did, but it was meant to be!

Vivianne is native to Tijuana Baja California and has traveled far and wide, She began her outdoorsy journey back when she was little with her cowboy boots (which were on all the time, even when she showered). Her first outdoor trip was with her father, he took the entire family on a road trip to go camping and since then she became hooked. She loved the way the road trip and nature connected her with something far superior and beautiful. 

Vivianne is currently an architect that concentrates on sustainable development and is a freelance photographer at VF Photography on her free time. She began her photographic passion when she started using her sister's and friends camera on trips, and quickly realized how much she liked taking pictures. She then taught herself how to edit pictures (youtube is life) and voila, she became an amateur photographer! 

"What do you like about nature and being outdoors?" I asked. She then paused for a minute and explained that one of the main reasons she loves being outdoors is that she doesn't feel at home in the city. She enjoys the sounds of nature rather than the sound of pollution found in the city. She loves the way she can bread while being outdoors, and feels as if she were learning something new every time she is with nature. Another reason why she loves being outdoors is because of the way she can connect with the elements; she believes that the elements give knowledge and answers to some of the questions that life throws at us. Then, happily shares these answers with others, in order to make this world a better place! 

Check out Vivianne's personal account  by clicking the picture, yew! 

Check out Vivianne's personal account  by clicking the picture, yew! 


One thing I knew since I picked Vivianne and Mafer up is that they had a very positive vibe. The road to Mount Laguna was chill and we had the opportunity to listen to some music and talk about life and its mysteries. We stopped a couple of times to take some pictures, and boy was it fun! Vivianne wanted to take out her new long board and give it a try, Mafer and I approved immediately. 


After swerving for a bit we continued our journey to Laguna Campground. When we arrived to the campground we found our spot alone, clean, and with the singing of the birds, perfect! We then started to unpack all of our things while drinking a couple of beers to remain fresh and cool. After getting everything ready we hanged our hammocks. When we were done hanging them, Vivianne said "they look pinterest as fuck" and according to Vivianne she just needed three things to be completely in the zone: a type of movie, a kind of drink and a dope type of medicine!  

We relaxed and laughed for a little bit, while Vivianne went ahead and took a couple of pictures. Polo arrived around four o'clock and took us for some more beer. After we went for the beer we stopped at a view point close to Laguna Campground. 

Here, we enjoyed the view while the ladies decided to dance a little, but we then remembered that Vivianne wanted to take a picture of the sunset, so we rushed back to the campground! When we arrived to the campground we tried finding the trail that a gentleman at the campground told us about, but we got lost for a little bit. We eventually found it. It was right besides the open theater in the campground and it lead us to the hill in front of the theater. We rushed up to the hill in order to capture the rays of the sun! 

We got pretty excited that we had the opportunity to capture the sunset and remained at the top for quite sometime. When we decided to get back it was a little dark but not impossible to see, for we had the full moon guiding us back to the campsite. As soon as we arrived to the campsite we fired the grills and began cooking and boy oh boy was it good!

While admiring the full moon we were serenaded by the howls of coyotes in the distance. The night was just... beautiful! We talked and played some music for a little bit until I passed out besides the fire. I felt like a grandpa but I guess I was a little tired. It's one of the things I love about being outdoors, there is this natural feeling of when you need to go to sleep rather than just looking at your watch. 

The next day we woke up, had breakfast and got ready for the day. We went ahead and went towards the trails that take you towards the lake. Here we stumbled upon a fine looking cabin in which the girls decided to take some pictures. 

I was in the photoshoot as well... he he

I was in the photoshoot as well... he he

After finishing with the photo shoot we went scouting for a picnic area, and voila, we found a perfect spot! 

We stayed here for a while until we decided to head back to the camp. The walk back was very relaxing and I had the pleasure of seeing these two ladies smile and enjoy the view that Mount Laguna always offers. Pines covered by a sooth green, plains covered by a golden coat, and a sky as blue as the ocean.are the views at Mount Laguna. 

It was an honor going outdoors with this bunch and I'm pretty sure we are going to have many more adventures to come in the future. Stay adventurous my friends! 

Oh, don't forget to check out Vivianne's amazing work. We already decided she is going to take the pictures for my "save the date" and "wedding related pictures" but for that we still have a long time to go!