Located 20 km North of Ensenada there exists a magical place where Dionysus blessed our mortal souls! I'm talking about Valle de Guadalupe, where the art of wine making and sustainability are being combined to make one of the oldest elixirs of man kind. 

The purpose of this trip was to find two wineries and a food place where we could take our future aventureros on a tour in Valle de Guadalupe. It took us two weekends (and a couple of bottle of wine as well)  to finally find the places we were looking for.

We started our tour by stopping at Clos de Tres Cantos, Not only the architectures of the place captured our curiosity but it's deep connection with sustainability and philosophical concepts awed us. All of their wines have a name related to a philosophers work or thought.

The architecture and construction is based on the concept of sustainability, much of the building were built with re purposed wood for the structures and they also use recycled wine bottles as decoration. They also have a membership program that supports local students in their studies, which goes along entirely to sustainability principles. 

The architecture seems as if you were surrounded by modern pyramids and the back patio, which can be used for private events, is beautiful. The name Tres Cantos comes from religious background and it basically means protection against the bad vibes and it also has to do with El Camino de Santiago, where zepas were exchanged. Most importantly, the people who work here are amazing, they explained everything to us and quite frankly, made us laugh a lot, or was it the wine? Seriously, Elisa Teresa you were amazing! 

After Clos de Tres Cantos we headed to Adobe Guadalupe, where we met Roxanna, our friend at Hotel Boutique Valle de Guadalupe. She recommended us the food truck and told us that it also served vegetarian food. 

After feasting like royalty we proceeded to go to Hotel Boutique. When we arrived,  we were received by the most magnificent horses horses in Valle de Guadalupe, which are part of Roxanna's equestrian company named Equitarius. The company is an equestrian riding center, where people can go to train and also horseback ride. 

Here, Vivianne fell in love with El Chapulin and quite frankly all of us felt a deep amazement by all the horses found at Hotel Boutique. This day we didn't ride, but were invited to come on another trip to do so! So, be on the look out for our next blog about Equitarius. 

After saying goodbye to the horses and leaving Hotel Boutique we stopped at JC BRAVO where we met the owners and friends. They have the best orange jelly I have tried in my life! We also tried their wine and had a couple of beers. We laughed a lot and started getting ready for the night.  

After JC BRAVO we packed our orange jellly contraband and started heading south, towards Tijuana. On the way there we had the brilliant... kinda' dangerous idea of skateboarding on the highway. Guess who had the idea.