Seven aventureros accompanied us on this epic trip to one of the unique gems of Baja California. 

We started our trip by driving down the beautiful scenic road to Ensenada and then gradually moved to the mountains, towards San Quintin. 

We had the honor of staying at Casa Leticia in San Quintin, which is located right in front of a beautiful water entrance of the sea. The house is really well decorated and painted with a soothing white color that illuminates the house along the country side. 

In San Quintin we visted the oyster labs and farms, in which we feasted like kings! We also got a private tour of the facilities and were explained how the cultivation of oysters works. It was amazing to see so how the oyster larva is processed and sent out to the sea in order for it to fully grow. 

After the private tour and the feast we slept for a long time at the house. We got up, saddled up some kayaks, and headed to the water. It was here that we enjoyed a spectacular sunset. It was pretty funny because we couldn't´t take a picture in which all of us appeared on. The struggle was real, trying to get the kayaks alligned was almost impossible, but hey, eventually we got it right!  We ended our stay in San Quintin by eating at Molino Viejo, where we all had very unique dishes. I am not going to describe them because I want you to experience the same magical sensation we felt when ordering at Molino Viejo, for it has very unique dishes. 


The next day, we got up and early to drive towards Bahia de Los Angeles. The road is technical and far, but fun! We stopped at Cataviña to take some pictures where we almost lost Mike's drone, but ya' know, we are fly as heck and didn't even scratch it against those wild Cardones. One of the best views when you drive up to Bahia is the one below, trust me when I say so, because you will be mesmerized by the deep blue abism of the ocean surrounded by the mountains. 

We stopped at this place to take some pictures (of course) and then proceeded to continue our journey in search of a "panga" because you need a panga when visiting Bahia de Los Angeles, in order to visit those places of high adventure! 

Our "casa" for the weekend was stellar and made of rock, its name is Casa de Piedra at Campo Archelon. We met the owner, which is now a friend of ours. He is such an awesome human, definitely recommend staying here. After dropping our stuff at our casa and booking our mighty panga, we headed to La Gringa, which is a beach like no other.

They say pictures are worth 1,000 words and we give proof to such a saying, behold:

We spent around two hours just submerging ourselves in the calm waters of La Gringa. There were a lot of sea stars and beautiful creatures to look at while snorkeling. Polo had the brilliant idea to run all the way to one of the hills that was close by, in order to take some pictures. Mike followed him with his drone and got some amazing shots. We still don't have those pictures because Mike went back to Bahia; actually, he is there right now, because he is working... goals. 


After venturing on La Gringa for a while we headed back to the town and had dinner at a little taco stand. We had such a fun time, thanks to Alan, which loves to make people laugh and boy is he good at it. Even the ladies at the taco cart were cracking up at his jokes. 

Next morning we woke bright and early and got ready for a day of adventure. Our first stop was at the taco stand, in order to pick up breakfast burritos. We headed to our panga and found it anchored alongside the port with its awesome Captain, Fidel. Let's just say that he is quite a character when it came to manouvering through the waters in Bahia. 

When we headed out we went looking for whale sharks but couldn't find any, so we decided to head to La Mona in order to relax for a while, but as you might have guessed it we didn't chillaxed for long, for Mike found two whale sharks using his drone. The wonders of technology! 

The beauty of whale sharks is not only visual but spiritual. They are in a trance with everything around them, you feel a deep sense of peace within you, when swimming besides them. I snorkeled right besides one and its size and gentle character humbled me  and made me realize how being human does not entail respect, but rather humility. 

The second beach we had the honor of visiting was Puerto Don Juan, which is a very chill beach that has a boat resting on the shore in a stoic state. The water is crystal clear and it's filled with clams, sea stars, stingrays, and other beautiful creatures of the ocean.  The waves are calm and the small bay is flanked by brown hills, which block the air current; therefore, giving this place an extra silent character. If you want a place to lay down and take a long siesta, then Puerto Don Juan is the place you have been looking for. 

After departing from Puerto Don Juan we headed to Isla Calavera, Mike told us that it was possible to snorkel with sea lions there. So, we all got very excited and had our gear ready to go. When we got there we saw two other pangas with people snorkeling, but there was no time for distractions, because as soon as we got there we saw the sea lions and jumped into the water. It was amazing to see so many of them swimming around in circles, the male was encircling them while making the very typical barking sound under water.  

After leaving Isla Calavera behind us we embarked towards Isla Ventana. Here we not only hiked but were mesmerized by the view at the top. A small american sail boat was anchored, and it looked so peaceful from a top, it created a sweet contrast with the dark blue waters surrounding its white hull. We want to head back to this island in order to camp, for there is a small beach on the back of the island, hidden from the world.

On our way to our last stop we passed through another beautiful island and were surprised by a group of sting rays that were flying below us, it looked amazing! Our last stop was at the light house in Bahia. I believe this would be my ideal spot to sit down and relax. It is perfect because it is not that far away from Bahia and it has beautiful beaches on both sides. 

Our next adventure to Bahia de Los Angeles will be soon, for the test trip was a total success and we now feel ready to start giving private tours. We are truly excited because we want to be able to showcase this  beautiful gem that our peninsula has in store for the entire world to appreciate. Stay hungry for adventure my friend, and always go that extra mile in order to achieve what you wish.