Leopoldo Sanmiguel

Leopoldo Sanmiguel is an accomplished Baja explorer, photographer and environmentalist who was born and raised in Baja California and has travelled throughout Baja since he was a kid.  Since a young age Sanmiguel was lucky enough to spend spare time playing with sticks, falling out of trees, snorkeling and having no TV. He fell in love with the  beaches, oases and landscapes the peninsula offers. At age 20 Sanmiguel decided to inspire people to care about nature, as well as to raise awareness about society´s impact on our planet, by providing meaningful opportunities to explore it. 

On 2015 Leopoldo Sanmiguel founded Baja Adventures with the idea of creating unconventional adventures and give the opportunity to people to get out of the city and be able to explore the unexplored and to embark on life-changing experiences with Baja´s nature.


Javier Alejandro Inzunza

Our communications guru was diagnosed with the travel bug since a very young age and loves being an alfresco individual. He is also craft beer and taco aficionado that is passionate about sustainability and the wellness of people. Javier Alejandro believes that if good stories were told every day, humanity would be in a much better place, because stories have the power to connect people from different cultures and walks of life. 




This happy soul is one of our biggest gifts that came true with our adventures. We have always thought that adoptions is the way to go and we we couldn't be more sure about this decision.  On September of 2016 we found this lovely creature at San Luis Gonzaga Bay under a trailer and without thinking twice we join him to the Baja Adventures Family. He is absolutely everything to us! Can’t believe we just came across to him one lucky day.  Cisco you are one of a kind and we are happy life crossed our paths and we are even more excited for the adventures we yet have to explore!

For all of those who don't know yet Cisco will be the very first dog to hike Picacho del Diablo (highest peak in Baja) in March of 2018 and we are preparing ourselves to do it like pros, but honestly, after seeing how he hiked the second highest peak in Baja we have no doubt that he will conquer Picacho.